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Step 1

1. Claim your Zpet

Head over to your Zunk page and click Mint Zpet in the upper right hand corner of your Zunks profile picture. Minting is free, just pay gas. Your Zpets ID will match your Zunks ID.

Step 2

Reroll for 24 Hours

From the time of minting your Zpet, you have 24 hours to reroll your Pet. All attributes are rerolled at once. Once 24 hours has elapsed, your Zpet is finalized on the Blockchain.

Step 3

Your Pet is Forever

Once your reroll period has ended, your pet's attributes are locked and loaded. Be sure to share your Zpets on Twitter and Discord!

NOTE: If you are buying a new Zunk off of OpenSea to mint a Zpet, please ensure that it's corresponding Zpet hasn't already been minted by checking the Zpet ID on Etherscan.

The Last 10,000.

CryptoPunks were the first 10,000. CryptoZunks are the last 10,000.

Numbered 10,000 - 19,999, Zunks are the first Punks to be generated on-chain with randomized attributes. Each Zunk is guaranteed to be unique from any Punk. On top of that, Zunk's attributes were able to be modified on-chain for a short window after minting - giving owner's the power over their Zunk's destiny. The first Zunks collection closed on August 13, 2021.

Zunk ownership provides exclusive access to upcoming launches and airdrops by Figmatic Labs.

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